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UPCYCLED VINTAGE COMPONENTS: Head I (Gas Main Valve, circa 1950s); Shoulders (Automotive Cam Springs, circa 1950s; Automotive Spacers); Body (Precision Apparatus Model 68 VTVM Vacuum Tube Voltmeter, circa 1960s); Arms (Pipe Wrenches, circa 1960s): Feet (Unknown Automotive Components, Circa 1940s); Neck (Porcelain Light Socket, circa 1950s)

OTHER UPCYCLED COMPONENTS: Head II (Small Canning Jar); Head III (Large Spring); Legs (Springs & Bolts); Legs (Chrome Pendant Lights)

DIMENSIONS: 24″ Tall by 12″ Wide by 5″ Deep

Light Element Portion of Head Does Function and Can Be Replaced. Only Candelabra Style Bulbs Of 25 Watts Or Less Can Be Used. Thumb-Wheel Switch On Back Of Sculpture.


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